Commemoration Ceremony of Arshtat Izad and Khordad Mah in Grand Adorian, Tehran

The commemoration ceremony of Arshtat Izad was held in Khordad 1403, coordinated by the executive board of Grand Adorian, with the presence of his colleagues at the Grand Adorian conference in Tehran.

The event began with a public prayer, featuring the recitation of the Avesta by Mobedyar Hormoz Khosroviani, assisted by zoroastrioans and accompanied by the audience.

Following the prayer, Mobedyar Hormoz Khosroviani spoke about the Avesta of Koshti, emphasizing the importance of performing Koshti for teenagers and Zoroastrians when reciting the Avesta. He also discussed Arshtat Izad (the god of truth), its significance to Zoroastrians, the judgment of actions by the gods and Ahura Mazda, and the superiority of good over bad deeds.

In the pleasant summer air and the green space of Grand Adorian, writer Bozorgchami, Ph.D. in pharmacy, gave a speech on “Muscle Cramps: The Nature and Causes of the Disease, Symptoms, Ways of Control and Treatment, Nutrition, and Appropriate Drugs.” This conversation continued with a session of questions and answers.

Following this, Mehrangiz Zahabi spoke to the audience about the pilgrimage of Seti Pir and Pirsabz, and its legends. The audience then sang the Zoroastrian poetry and folk song “Pirsabz Chak Chaku” together.

At the audience’s request, it was decided that Bozorgchami, a religious teacher and Gatha reader, would teach dindabireh (Pahlavi) words at Grand Adorian every month on the day of honoring Arshtat Izad. Bozorgchami emphasized the importance of learning vocabulary and the Pahlavi script among fellow Zoroastrians.

The celebration of Arshtat Izad and the month of Khordad continued on the morning of Thursday, 24th of Khordad, 1403 (13th of June), with a joyful gathering of the audience and a reception with tea, sweets, and fruits.

The final part of the ceremony featured performances of pleasant songs by artists Mahin Hormozdyaran, Mina Farzaneh, Sima Javdani, Kiandokht Behboudi, and Shirin Khademi, accompanied by the residents.

Dadbeh Orangi, the secretary and representative of the executive committee, who was a resident on behalf of the executive committee of Grand Adorian, happily honored Arshtat Izad and month of Khordad. With joy and in the green space, he wished health, long life, and happiness for everyone from Ahura Mazda and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all who helped in holding the ceremony of commemorating Arshtat Izad in Grand Adorian.



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