Vista Khodaparasti: Medical Innovator Achieves Top Rank in the Country

Vista Khodaparasti from Farzanegan 6 High School has achieved first place in the medical category of the National Student Festival of Khwaja Nasiruddin Toosi . Additionally, this innovative student secured second place in the National Pen Student Festival.

At this prestigious scientific event, Vista Khodaparasti, along with her team members, earned the top spot in the country with their project “Eczema Improvement Ointment.” Furthermore, in the second national festival for pen students, they clinched second place nationally in the human body category.

Reflecting on her medical achievement, Vista Khodaparasti remarked, “We aimed to find a natural remedy free of side effects to relieve the itching and inflammation caused by eczema, concentrating on reducing inflammation without harming the skin. After thorough research, we discovered an herbal blend that successfully alleviates eczema symptoms without the adverse effects of chemical ointments. This herbal formulation is currently in the process of obtaining licensing for mass production. With the backing of investors, we aspire to bring it to the market soon to assist patients in their recovery.”

Vista Khodaparasti, born in Aban 1400 (September 2008), is the daughter of Panthea Namiranyan and Kamran Khodaparasti. This young Zoroastrian innovator currently attends the 10th grade at Farzanegan 6 High School for Talented Students.


In 1400 (November 2021), a group of graduates and students from Khwaja Nasiruddin Toosi University of Technology initiated the first Khwaja Nasiruddin Toosi National Student Festival. The aim was to discover and nurture talented students nationwide and encourage research among students across the country. This year marked the third edition of the Khwaja Nasiruddin Toosi National Student Festival.

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