Markar Elementary School Celebrated Sixth Grade Graduation and First Grade Alphabet Celebration

Students from the 6th and 1st grades at Markar Primary School in Yazd celebrated significant milestones at the end of their academic year.

On Wednesday, June 29, 2024 (9th of Khordad 1403), the 6th grade students marked the end of their primary school journey. This event was organized through the efforts of the school management, teaching staff, and notably Mrs. Jamavar, the 6th grade teacher. Parents of the students also joined in the celebrations, making the day memorable for everyone involved.

Additionally, the 1st grade students celebrated their Alphabet Celebration on Monday, 27 May, 2024 (7th of Khordad 1403). Supported by their teachers and parents, these young students enjoyed a day dedicated to their achievements in learning the alphabet.


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