Oak Planting on Alborz Slopes Marks Ordibeheshtgan Festival

A group of environmental activists planted 200 oak saplings on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains to mark the Ordibeheshtgan festival, symbolizing hope and a commitment to a greener future.

Led by Kourosh Ghasemian, a group of nature enthusiasts gathered in the Darabad district near the Cheshmesari spring to plant the saplings, which were grown from selected Zagros seeds. This initiative not only celebrates the festival but also supports environmental sustainability.

The planting of these saplings represents a step towards a greener landscape, signaling a promising and more sustainable future for upcoming generations. It demonstrates the shared responsibility for preserving the ecosystem and emphasizes the importance of environmental action.

This year, the tradition of planting saplings was part of the Ordibeheshtgan celebration. Organizer Kourosh Ghasemian explained, “We collect oak seeds from the Zagros Mountains, where they grow naturally, and nurture them into strong seedlings in a greenhouse. We hope they will grow into robust trees that not only beautify the landscape but also maintain the ecosystem.”

On Ordibehesht 11, Ghasemian and a dedicated group of Zoroastrians took a proactive step in environmental stewardship by planting numerous saplings at the Alborz resort area. This event served as a powerful reminder that each individual can contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem.

To watch the oak planting, check out the video on YouTube via Amordad. Below are images from the Ordibeheshtgan festival, which took place on the second Sunday of Ordibehesht in the Zoroastrian calendar, this year falling on Ordibehesht 2, 1403.

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