Report on the Final Day of the Mobedan and Mobedyaran Conference

The second national conference of Mobedans and Mobedyaran across the country concluded on Friday, Farvardin 24 (April 15), 1403, after three days of discussion and collaboration.

Held from the 22nd to the 24th of Farvardin, the conference took place at the Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Bozorg Chami Hall, focusing on fostering cooperation, standardizing religious ceremonies, and sharing insights. The event brought together religious leaders from across the nation to discuss and offer recommendations on religious practices. Mobed Dr. Mehraban Poladi, the head of the Mobedan Association, chaired the conference, orchestrating the event with the support of Mobedan members and backers.

The conference aimed to strengthen ties among religious leaders and practitioners, as well as to review and align the implementation of spiritual rituals. The third and final day, Friday, Farvardin 24, which coincided with a significant day in the Zoroastrian religion, was dedicated to engaging with community members at the Vararam Fire Temple Hall in Yazd. During this time, participants gathered to share feedback and suggestions.

The three-day conference concluded with the release of a final statement, summarizing the outcomes and future plans of the Mobedan and Mobedyaran.


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