Golbanoo: A fresh look into Zoroastrian culture; by Kourosh Niknam

The book “Golbanoo”, with the title of the harms of the Zoroastrian Association, researched and written by Koresh Niknam, was published by Barsam Publishing.

The Book “Golbanoo” which is now published, is the result of research of Kourosh Niknam. “Golbanoo” tells the story of a lady who lost her life for her religious values. The author not only deals with the story of the unsaid and unwritten culture and historic facts about Zoroastrians. In this work, with eloquent language, Niknam invites the reader on a journey through time to learn about Zoroastrian ceremonies and celebrations and the philosophy hidden in them.

On the back of the book cover, point out to the history of Iran, where people lived with justice and freedom and sought prosperity and happiness. However, countless invasions, including the invasion of the Arabs and Mongols, destroyed the infrastructure born on truth and peace in the country. The author deals with the cultural and resistance efforts that have been made against this invasion.

It is written on the other side of the book cover: Iranians once lived in this land with their ancient culture of justice and freedom, through which they strived for prosperity and happiness and brought pride and honor for their land. Some, like the Mongols, sought to infringe on the assets of this country, killed, burned, looted and left. Some, like the Mongols, sought to infringe on the wealth of the country; killing, burning, looting as they invaded. Some others thought they were dealing with uncultured, illiterate, rootless and ignorant people. They tried to impose their uncivilized culture upon the people. Because they were pursuing their goals and plans with slaughter, torture and oppression, they treated the highly cultured and magnanimous Iranians as slaves. The people now started living with a culture and attitude that was new to them; they had to pay high taxes and had to change their clothing, food, language and complete lifestyle, which gave them great suffering.

Kourosh Niknam, a Zoroastrian scholar and researcher of ancient Iranian culture, is known as one of the leading figures in the field of Zoroastrian history and culture studies with his writings and research on Iranian history and Zoroastrian religion. His first research was about the traditional and ancient customs of Zoroastrians at the suggestion of the Cultural Heritage Organization, which started in 1974 as a field study, and was first published in Faravahar Publishing House in 1979 under the name “From Nowruz to Nowruz”. It is now in its sixth edition. In 1985, two other works named “Andraznameh Zartosht” and “Ayin Ekhtiar” were published by Kourosh Niknam, but after the fifth edition, permission was not given for reprinting, and they are rare. 5 years after that, the writer published another book, “In search of the Zoroaster’s life and thoughts”. After that, the booked named “Yadegar Dirin (an ancient remembrance) was published, which also gave out a second print and was translated into English. In it the philosophy and ways of holding ceremonies and celebrations by Zoroastrians have been studied.  another of his works is “Gathas; the chants from ancient Iran”, which recites that Gathas with tambur.

Kourosh Niknam recently added another work to his collection with the publication of the novel Golbanoo. Barsam Publishing House published Golbanoo in the winter of 1402, in 365 pages.

به اشتراک گذاری

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