Commemoration Ceremony for Service Martyrs Held at Iranology Foundation with Monotheistic Religious Representatives

A ceremony was held at the Iranology Foundation to honor the service martyrs, Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi and his accompanying delegation, along with representatives from various monotheistic religions.

The event featured speeches from prominent figures including Professor Dr. Mamousta Abdul Salam Karimi, Advisor to the President on Ethnic and Religious Minority Affairs; Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hashemi, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance; Hujjatul Islam Dr. Abdul Hossein Khosrowpanah, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution; Dr. Afshin Namiranian, President of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association; Mobed Hormoz Khosrowiani, representative of the Mobedan Association of Tehran; Ninos Moghadsnia, cleric of the Assyrian Evangelical Church of Tehran; Yonathan Betkolia, head of the Assyrian Association of Tehran; engineer Charlie Inouye Tekeh, representative of Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in the Islamic Council; Dr. Homayoun Sameyeh, representative of the Jewish community in the Islamic Council; Mr. Ara Shawardian, representative of Armenians of Tehran and North Iran in the Islamic Council; and Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rajabi Davani, head of the Iranology Foundation.

Professor Dr. Mamousta Abdul Salam Karimi, advisor to the president on ethnic and religious minority affairs, expressed his regret over the loss of the service martyrs. He emphasized that achieving social justice requires that all people experience justice. Quoting martyr Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi, he remarked that ethnic diversity is an asset for the country, likening them to the flowers of Iran’s Golestan. He considered differences in race, language, and gender as divine signs, advocating for equal rights and active participation of all in Iranian society. He added that such diversity is the secret to society’s survival, while conflicts among them lead to the destruction of nations.

Dr. Karimi also stated that martyr Ayatollah Raisi opposed factionalism, and thus, it is our duty to follow the example of divine prophets, viewing monotheism and unity as common to all divine religions. Furthermore, he highlighted the responsibility of every Iranian to work together with their compatriots, contribute to the country’s prosperity, and serve the nation, following the example set by the esteemed martyrs.

At the meeting, Dr. Afshin Namiranian, head of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association, praised the Iranology Foundation for the ceremony, highlighting it as a sign of empathy and unity among divine religions and the Iranian people. He emphasized the duty of every Iranian to work for the nation’s honor.

Mobed Hormoz Khosrowiani, representing the Mobedan Association of Tehran, spoke on achieving immortality through good character and sacrifice, noting that the service martyrs, including the martyred president, gave their lives for the people’s well-being.

The commemoration ceremony for the service martyrs was held on Saturday, June 1, 2024, by the Iranology Foundation.



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