Annual Performance Report of the Adorian Tehran Management Group

As the end of 1402 approaches, the management of Adorian Tehran has released a report detailing its one-year activities.

On Esfand 25, 1401, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the objective of coordinating and optimizing the management of religious, cultural, and executive affairs of Adorian Tehran, aiming to address the most crucial needs of the Zoroastrian community. The memorandum was signed by Mobed Dr. Mehraban Pouladi on behalf of the Mobedan Association and Afshin Namiranian on behalf of the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran.”

The agreement between the Zoroastrian Association and Mobedan encompasses the following subjects:

  • Managing Mobedan’s religious activities and overseeing matters concerning the maintenance of the holy fire of Adorian.
  • Administering Adorian’s executive affairs in religious, cultural, service, and construction domains.
  • Organizing and conducting religious ceremonies for fellow believers in the western halls of Adorian.

As per this memorandum, the Mobed Association is responsible for managing and supervising the operational affairs of Adorian, including the verahram fire affairs, tasks entrusted to the Mobeds and atashban (fire keeper) and conduct religious activities. The Zoroastrian Association undertakes the management of executive affairs and covers all associated costs. Fortunately, over the past 10 months, progress has been made in this regard through cooperation and collaboration, evident in the successful outcomes achieved.

According to this memorandum, the Adorian Tehran’s management group, comprising seven members (representatives of the Mobedan Association: Kourosh Bolandi, Mehrab Vahidi, Farshad Soharyan, Pedram Soroshpour, and representatives of the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran: Farshad Farahifar, Kambiz Rostami, Babak Shahriari), is tasked with enforcing the provisions outlined in the memorandum. The significance of the Verahram fire and the Adorian and their prioritization is evident in this arrangement. Unlike existing executive boards, the management group for Adorian consists of key members from both associations. Additionally, the two fundamental pillars of Adorian are the fire and its fire-keepers (as fire watchers).

Adorian Tehran management group convened its inaugural meeting on 15th Farvardin 1402 (April 6, 2023). During this session, various approaches and advantages were deliberated upon, resulting in the formulation of two primary implementation phases.

The first phase is dedicated to Atash Bahram, while the second phase focuses on visitors. The initial decisions aligned with these objectives are outlined as follows:

Appointment of a supervisor for Adorian tasked with overseeing the execution of decisions and plans devised by Adorian Tehran’s management group.

Organization of Bahram fire affairs, encompassing rectification of the disorderly conditions within the fire room (specifically addressing smoke-related issues), provision of suitable firewood for the Bahram fire, reinstatement of the shift schedule and traditional fire maintenance routine, revitalization of the Yazeshan Khaneh (pray house), reconstruction of the prayer room, and arrangement of hats within the prayer hall.”

The activities carried out so far to implement the first phase of work focused on Atash Bahram include:

  • Reopening Adorian for fellow believers, which had been closed during the Corona era.
  • Reviewing and organizing the conditions for visiting Adorian by non-religious visitors.
  • Renovation and improvement of areas within the Adorian premises.

Additionally, progress has been made in organizing monthly meetings of the management group. The following tasks have been addressed during these meetings:

  • Selection of Adorian’s supervisor.
  • Preparation of job descriptions.
  • Conducting a public call in two stages.
  • Holding specialized and general interviews with applicants by the Adorian management group and the Zoroastrian Association service commission.”

The following tasks have been completed:

  • The selection of the supervisor was finalized, and they commenced their duties on the first of Shahrivar 1402.
  • The monthly salary for the supervisor was determined, and payments were initiated by the Zoroastrian Association.
  • Fire keepers (fire watchers) were designated, and maintenance work on the Bahram fire was initiated.
  • Atashbans were selected, and a list of daily shifts was prepared. Supervision of these shifts by the supervisor commenced in September of this year.
  • A guide detailing the correct manner of fire feeding was prepared and executed by Atashbans.
  • Atashban uniforms, approved by the Mobedan Association and funded by the association, were prepared to standardize the Atashban uniforms in Tehran.
  • The salary of Atashband was determined, and payments have been made so far by the Zoroastrian Association.
  • The Zoroastrian Association has been actively involved in following up and cooperating to allocate a special account for Adorian in Tehran. This account serves the purpose of depositing funds from fellow believers and managing expenses according to their intentions and the needs of Adorian, overseen by the Adorian management group.

Civil-cultural works focused on Atash Bahram have been initiated.

A thorough 3-month expert investigation was conducted on the roof of the fire chamber and existing smoke issues. This involved numerous meetings with cultural heritage specialists, former officials of the Zoroastrian Association, former executives, and visits to other fire temples. Ultimately, basic solutions to address the problem were determined. By changing the centrifugal fan and removing false ceiling vents (funded by the Zoroastrian Society), the smoke problem was mitigated to an acceptable extent. This has had a significant impact on the improvement of conditions.”

The interior of the fire room was cleaned by Mobedan, and it was painted through the efforts of Mr. Shahrokh Salamati.

  • Extensive investigation and research were conducted on the types of firewood suitable for the Bahram fire, considering both scientific and ritual aspects. This led to the selection of appropriate firewood and the establishment of proper storage and burning methods, significantly enhancing the optimal utilization of firewood.
  • Construction of firewood storage and standard shelving for storing dry and wet firewood was undertaken in collaboration with the executive board of the Zoroastrian cemetery. Initially, cleaning and shelving fire wood in the storage room were completed. It is noteworthy that the costs associated with certain aspects of the construction of storage and shelving, as well as the procurement of 4.5 tons of firewood in Amordad this year, were covered by a generous individual who made a significant contribution.”

Preparation of a comprehensive report on the supply of suitable firewood and suggested solutions.

  • Inviting fellow Zoroastrians to donate the wood pruned from their trees, to the cemetery, to be stored for future use. With proper dissemination of information and outreach, a significant percentage of Adorian’s firewood needs can be met through this initiative.
  • Until these efforts yield significant results, periodic supply of suitable firewood is essential for Atash Bahram. To this end, 4.5 tons of firewood were procured from Yazd (with financial support of benefactors) and arrangements were made for continuous supply. Additionally, an order was placed with the Zoroastrian Association for the provision of 5 tons of firewood from Yazd in the last month, with the costs covered by the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran.
  • Reconstruction and revival of Adorian Yazeshgah were initiated, with the costs for preparing ritual stones being covered by the family of Ravanshad Mehrangiz Dastour Mehraban Dastour Tirandaz Masdyasna.
  • Renovation of the Mobeds’ room was carried out through the financial support of the family of the late Khodadad Abadan Fallahat.
  • Preparation of 150 prayer hats with the collaboration of fellow believers and coordination by the Yaran Mehraban group.
  • Procurement of 210 uniform hats and one stitch, funded by the Dalal family from America.
  • Planning for the implementation of public religious ceremonies in Adorian Tehran. In this regard monthly Avestakhani, on Ordibehesht day of each month has commenced, along with receptions organized with the efforts of the congregation.
  • Activities conducted to welcome the ancient Nowruz celebration.
  • Cleaning of the paving stones in the yard and the wall stones of the main building of Adorian, with assistance from the family of Ravanshad Mehrangiz Dastour Mehraban Dastour Tirandaz Masdyasna.
  • Cleaning of the prayer hall, coordinated with the cooperation of students from the boys’ high school and co-religionists.”

Planting flowers in Adorian yeard, funted by the family of the late Colonel Soroushyar Khodayar sorushpour.

Upcoming plans for the implementation of the second phase of visitor-oriented work.

Upcoming construction works include:

  • Improvement of the eastern hall to revive the religious-cultural exhibition of Adorian Tehran.
  • Renovation of the bathroom facilities.
  • Reviewing and creating a visit path for visitors who are not of the same religion.
  • Investigating, separating, and improving the space of pantry (the hall next to the kitchen) for holding religious ceremonies with a small number of people.
  • Arranging the conditions for visiting Adorian by visitors who are not of the same religion.”

Holding several meetings and compiling regulations for visiting Adorian, which are currently being finalized.

Grouping Adorian visitors into different categories and devising individualized solutions for each group.

Organizing the visitation process for Adorian, including completing the application form, obtaining permits from the Tehran Zoroastrian Association, and coordinating with the supervisor of Adorian and the association’s secretariat.

Hosting specialized meetings with Zoroastrian leaders in the field of tourism to review existing experiences and gather insights for the improvement of visitor experiences at Adorian.

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