Tree planting in Hasanabad fire temple with the help of benefactors

With the help of benefactors, the southern land of Hasanabad Zoroastrian “Darmehr,” where the trees had dried up after the fall of the wall.

Through group work and with the help of terrorists, the southern land of “Darmehr” of Hassan Abad, which once witnessed the drying of trees due to the collapse of the wall, is now having new trees planted in it. In this event, which was held on Thursday, March 7, 2024, on the occasion of tree planting week, a group of well-wishers and lovers of the environment started working to give new life to this [art of the fire temple, by donating and planting various trees, such as cypress, boxwood, olive and elm. This event symbolized teamwork and cooperation to restore life to the ecosystem. It led to the beautification of the green space. The collaboration of the Hassan Abad Zoroastrian Association also collaborated in this event. The trees will be watered by a drip system that was installed by the Yaran Mehraban group.


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