In the 61st meeting of the 45th cycle of Tehran Zoroastrian anjuman

A decision was made about Key Khosravi building

By approving a resolution, the future of Key Khosravi building was determined. It was approved to complete renovation of this building before summer and hand it over in the form of a hotel apartment.

In order to complete renovation of Key Khosravi building, it was agreed to hand it over as an apartment hotel. 4 billion tomans would be received as deposit, with a monthly rent, to be determined by an expert, and in the form of a contract, after completion. Before this, the Tehran Association had invited Zoroastrians to pitch in for financial aid, in order to complete reconstruction, in exchange for sharing the revenue gained from renting out, which did not attract enough enthusiasm. On Friday, 4th Esfand (24th Feb) proposals were reviewed in the meeting of a call for getting funds for renovation of the building. Due to renovation being incomplete and not sufficient funds to complete, it was agreed to hand over the building to a tenant who pays the cost of completion, finally after 17 years, renovation will be complete before summer, and no problem will  be incurred with respect to obtaining completion-of-work certificate.

How much to pay as New Year bonus to the pensioners

– An amount of 2.5 million tomans was agreed upon, for each pensioner.

Presenting gift cards on occasion of Esfandgan festival

– It was agreed to give a 400,000 tomans gift card to all Zoroastrian female individuals who have cooperated with the Association, in any way, including Permanent staff, hourly, or daily wage Zoroastrians, teachers and familiar members of the executive boards.

Financing the purchase of the server and motherboard of the secretariat

– To repair and buy motherboards and server for issuing Zoroastrian ID cards, and other work of the secretariat, upto 12 million tomans will be paid.

Temporary accommodation for Nowrooz travelers to Tehran

– Preparing the second floor of Dr Bahram Parvaresh’s house (the old building of Parvaresh kindergarten located in Hafez Ave. Hoortab St) was approved including installing the door and its frame, painting, plastering, for temporary use has a hotel.


In this meeting there was also discussion about holding the Nowrooz visit celebration.

Nozar Nozari, the secretary of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association, provided the report of the weekly meeting of this association, which is held every Monday, to the Amordad website.

The 61st weekly meeting of the Tehran Zoroastrian Association Board of Directors was held on the 7th day of Esfand 1402. This weekly meeting ended at 20:30 after two and a half hours of discussion and deliberation about the resolutions and presenting a report in the presence of 18 members of the Board of Directors and one inspector from the Board of Inspectors.

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