The Aban month speech in the Zoroastrian Women’s Organization, Tehran

The Zoroastrian Women’s Organization of Tehran hosted Zoroastrians on the first Monday of Aban 1401 with the speech of Dr. Sima Keshavarzi.

Sima Keshavarzi, Ph.D. in Laboratory Sciences, presented expert solutions to fellow Zoroastrians in the field of healthy nutrition to prevent osteoporosis and correct the way of life after Corona. Pointing out that bone formation is done continuously from birth to the age of 25, she spoke about the influential factors in bone formation and the factors that disrupt bone formation. Dr. Keshavarzi listed exercise, proper nutrition, sunlight, and genes as factors affecting optimal bone formation and expressed some points about appropriate nutrition and foods containing calcium and phosphorus, elements that play a role in bone formation. Among the factors of bone formation disorders, she pointed at immobility, improper formation, bad habits such as smoking, eating salty food, and receiving corticosteroids in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and said that in the process of bone formation, new bone is continuously made, and old bone is lost. However, the ratio of these two activities is different in different stages of life; after 25 years, during ossification, there is a balance between new bone formation and old bone absorption, which prevents osteoporosis. Harmful factors to the process of bone formation or corticosteroid compounds disrupt this balance, and osteoporosis begins at a younger age, before middle age, and its symptoms appear after several years.

In most cases, this disease has no symptoms until a fracture occurs. The following Symptoms of osteoporosis include thinning of the bones, shrinking of the wrist bone, pain in the long bones, especially pain in the bone from the wrist to the elbow, long-term pain in the back, shortening of height and bending of the back as a result of osteoporosis of the lower leg. She said that fractures in the pelvis and vertebrae are common in more advanced stages due to a simple fall, such as falling from a chair.

Osteoporosis occurs more in older women than in men. In women after menopause, a decrease in estrogen can be seen in osteoporosis, and in men, a reduction in testosterone is effective in this disease. To prevent osteoporosis, Dr. Sima Keshavarzi reminded us to take advantage of the sunlight and exercise regularly. She said that the factors that cause osteoporosis should be eliminated and consult a doctor for daily vitamin D. Calcium intake, pharmaceutical supplements, physical therapy, and treatment with certain drugs. The program ended by answering questions and doing stretching exercises.

The meeting and speech of the Zoroastrian Women’s Organization, coordinated by the sensitive plan working group, was held on Monday, Aban 2nd, at 10 am with some Zoroastrians in the Khosravi festival hall.


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