Commemoration Event for Ferdowsi in Kerman

The Persian Culture Association, in collaboration with the Parsi Culture Association in Kerman, organized a commemorative event honoring Ferdowsi. The event, held at Bastami Hall in Madar Kerman Park on Ordibehesht 24th, celebrated Ferdowsi’s significant contributions to Persian language and literature, particularly through his epic work Shahnameh.

Attendees, including Shahnameh scholars, literature professors, Kermani poets, and admirers of Ferdowsi’s legacy, gathered to pay tribute to the renowned poet. The highlight of the evening was a captivating performance by artist Kamand Kaviani, who skillfully narrated the story of Zal and Rudaba from Shahnameh.

Throughout the event, lectures by esteemed professors provided insights into Ferdowsi’s life and literary achievements, enriching the audience’s understanding of his enduring influence. Below are some snapshots captured during this memorable occasion.




به اشتراک گذاری

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