The message of Dr. Mahmoud Jafari Dehaghi

Professor Pourdavood was a powerful thinker

Mahmoud Jafari Dehaghi, chairman of the Iranian Studies Association and professor at the University of Tehran, was not present at the commemorative meeting of Professor Pourdavoud and expressed his sympathy by sending a voice message to the event.

In the name of God of wisdom and life, and nothing can surpass the greatness of this thought.

I want to thank the participants of the second memorial program of Ebrahim Pourdavoud. He is one of the biggest and most famous researchers and professors of ancient Iranian culture and languages. Iranian Studies Association is proud to be [present in this great ceremony. Professor Ebrahim Pourdavood was one of the greatest and most precious Iranian and Avesta scholars. With the knowledge of Avesta texts and other ancient Iranian writings, this famous scientist and researcher was able to translate Avesta into Persian and analyze the text for the first time. Indeed, he was the first thinker who became aware of the values of this great work and wrote about it. He was familiar with the works of Western scientists such as Marquardt Minowski, Wolfe, and Miloshe and had correspondence and friendship with them. With his knowledge of French, German, and English, he learned about the scientific documents of Iranologists worldwide and benefited from these precious texts in his writings. After many years, students and researchers of ancient languages still use his account of Avesta. His prose is simple and void of unusual and strange word formations.  Prof Pourdavood succeeded in training great students who would later be the pride of this land, such as Prof Mohammad Moein, Bahram Farvashi, Mohammad Moghadam, and others, all of whom are famous scholars in Iranology.  Professor’s research especially in the Gahan of Avesta is of great value.

Due to the researchers’ difficulties in analyzing and translating this great work, the professor could benefit from their thoughts and leave one of the best translations that can still be looked at and referred to after many years.

In addition, his reports on Yasna, Yashta, Khordeh Avesta, Vesparad, and other works related to this religious collection of the ancient Iranians are still considered as some of the best Persian reports.  His services do not end here. He compiled other works such as Iranshah, the book of Hormoz, Khorramshah, Saoshyant, and especially the book on the vulture of Iranian Iran. He also studied details of our land’s culture and wrote very useful books about knowing Iranian better.

He was a poet, a great patriot, a free thinker, and a teacher with powerful thoughts. It is hoped that the path that this great mast took in introducing in introducing our culture will always be followed and paved. The Iranian Studies Association is grateful to the organizers of the second memorial of Professor Pourdavoud and considers itself a participant in this valuable movement.

به اشتراک گذاری

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