Colored eggs have brought the Nowrooz mood into Kasvanieh

A group of Zoroastrians in Kasnavieh, accompanied by the ladies of the art group, gathered in Bakhtiari’s house and colored Haftsin eggs to welcome the ancient Nowruz ceremonies.

This program was implemented in coordination with Kasnavieh Zoroastrian Association, on Monday, Esfand 15, 1401 (5th March 2023). Haftsin symbolizes the seven “Amsha Sepente,” or the seven immortals. Eggs and milk are symbols of good thoughts, fire a symbol of Ordibehesht (the utmost truth), coin a symbol of Shahrivar (self-governing), fruit a symbol of Sepandarmaz (love and humility), water a symbol of Khurdad (knowledge and resonance), and flowers and plants are a symbol of Amordad (immortality).

به اشتراک گذاری

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