Honoring Espangdan in religious classes of the Fravahar Organization

Students of the religious classes of Fravahar Organization celebrated Espandgan and mothor’s day.

Prayers, music, declamation, and stand-up comidy were the programs that the students, guided by their teacher, performed in fravahar Organization, Thursday evening, 4th Esfand (18th February). Towards the end of the program, while commemorating the status of mother, teachers were also honored.

Sepandarmazd (sepand) is the Izad (diety) that represents protection on earth and is the guardian of good women. Sepandarmazd means sincerity and forebearence; strengthens peace, harmony and love. Sepanta Armaiti symbolizes global peace and love that is attained through cooperation of mankind with Ahuramazda.In Zoroastrian culture, Sepandarmazd is a day for honoring girls, women, mothers, and the Earth; it is a day of love and humility. In the country’s official calendar this day coincides with 29th Bahman.


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