Commemoration of Sepandar Mazgan and Women’s Day in Qasemabad

Sepandar Mazgan celebration, the commemoration of women’s day, and mother’s status were held with the coordination of the Qasemabad Zoroastrian Association in Ostad Mahyar Ardeshir hall.

Holy Sepandar Mazgan, women’s and Mother’s Day was celebrated in this Zoroastrian village, with participation of several Qasemabad youths and co-religionists on the evening of Saturday 12th of Bahman 1401, Sepandarmaz day, and Esfand 3760 (March 2023) Zoroastrian calendar. This program included religious ceremony, art, competition and entertainment. The dinner reception was prepared by a group of women. Sepandar Mazgan or Esfandang festival is a day of honoring women and the earth, celebrating birth and growth, and honoring humility, forgiveness, and tolerance. The fifth day of every thirty-day month in the Zoroastrian calendar is called Sepandarmaz. When Sepandar Mazgan day coincides with Sepand month (Esfand) the day is celebrated. In the country’s official calendar, the Espangdan festival is equal to the 29th of Bahman.

Kourosh Jamshidi

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