The ascent of Iran’s Zoroastrian mountaineers on the peak of Bazman

A group of Iranian Zoroastrian mountaineers ascended the peak of Bazman volcano together with fellow mountaineers from Tehran and Kerman.

Ascent to the height of 3,500 m was accomplished on 28 Bahman 1401 (Feb 2023) after climbing Taftan, the second highest peak in Sistan and Baluchistan province. Nilofar Hengami and Khodad Mazdayi from Sirjan; Maziar Nikbakhsh, Toraj Bastani, and Farzad Khadem (head of the Iranian Zoroastrian mountaineer’s group) from Tehran formed the team for this climb. This program is a part of the campaign to climb the five volcanic peaks of Iran (Damavand, Bazman, Sahand, Sablan, and Taftan), which is held in the memory of Aflatoun Sohrabi, co-climber and founder of Parse Shiraz Mountaineering Group. About the ascent plan, Farzad Khadem, group leader, said: “Due to blizzard and heavy snow in the past weeks, the ascent was completed with a delay of 2 weeks, after the weather calmed down. The program started at an altitude of 2000 meters at 3:30 AM and ended at 5:00 PM in the extreme cold and strong wind. The leader of the national ascent program of Bezman peak was engineer Rahmat Baloch Lashari, the leader of the mountain climbing team of Iranshahr city. Nearly sixty warm-hearted people of Balochistan from cities like Iranshahr, Saravan, Khash, and Bam city from Kerman province accompanied this climb. In continuation of the ascent to the 5 volcanoes of Iran, ascent to Damavand peak is planned for Amordad 1402 (August 2023).

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