Gatha Recitation Classes

Classes in melodious recitation of the Gathas, lexicology and the Avestan script, for children, were held during the summer holidays, in compliance with health guidelines, in Grand Adorian, Tehran.

These classes were organized by the  executive committee of Grand Adorian and the Zoroastrian Students Center, for a more fruitful participation of under-10 Tehrani participants in the Manthra Conference, in Grand Adorian.

This course of Gatha recitation, in Grand Adorian, conducted by Mobedyar Priya Mavandi and Negar Bozorg Chami, and under the supervision of Dadbeh Owrangi, was held every Thursday, until Shahrivar 1401, and in the final session, on Shahrivar 3, 1401, before the final assembly of Manthra, a rehearsal was carried out for making the Tehrani participants under age 10, familiar with the Manthra conference (both virtual and in-person classes).  In the end, all the participants were thanked for their efforts in learning the Gathas, the sacred poems of Ashu Zarathushtra, and were presented with a green sugar cone each.

Also, as a closing speech, Dadbeh Owrangi, on behalf of the executive board of Grand Adorian, thanked the teachers of the Gatha classes, Mobedyar Pariya Mavandi and Negar Bozorg Chami, for their contribution towards teaching the Gathas to the Zoroastrian children.  He also thanked the children’s families for their support and effort in practicing with their children, as well as all the supporters and organizers of the Manthra conference, at the Zoroastrian Students Center.

Orangi also thanked all the families for their support and effort in training and learning their children, as well as all the notables and the organizers of the Mantra Conference at the Zoroastrian Students’ Center.



به اشتراک گذاری

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